Strategic Planning

Customized Training Solutions offers expert knowledge of human communication; we understand how it can affect productivity at work, school and other social settings. Our work requires us to understand your needs thoroughly so we can break down your problems and successfully solve them.

The videos included on this page will give you an idea of how we conduct our workshop sessions, as well as the topics on which we focus. Our carefully tailored programs aid our customers in a variety of areas:

  • Communication Training – We can explain the processes behind communication so people can see the true effect of their language and understand how to improve results when speaking with others. We present these workshops to parent groups, schools and corporations.
  • Facilitation – Our staff can mediate disputes and improve communication at the workplace in order to facilitate business goals. We meet with businesses and corporations to ensure all employees are working together effectively.
  • Strategic Planning – We provide consultation with businesses during times of change to make sure future goals can be achieved. We find creative ways to gain input on business operations to ensure a successful transition.


“Mediation definition”


“I – messages”


“Words that escalate and de-escalate a conflict.”