Anger Management

Below are descriptions of some of our more popular workshops.
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Anger Management – Learn about your anger buttons and how to de-escalate a conflict. This interactive workshop will give you concrete tools to handle anger in your workplace. Do your colleagues have a hard time controlling their anger? Do they push your anger buttons? Learn how to recognize your own anger triggers and those of your peers. Gain techniques to help employees understand a range of feelings and how to respond without losing control. Empower your staff to solve and prevent their own conflicts. Stop the fighting and improve productivity in your work environment! This workshop is also excellent for students.

Communication Skills – Identify your communication style and gain concrete techniques to listen and be heard to improve your relationships with co-workers and management. Learn about communication potholes and styles of handling conflict. Improve your skills with open questions and neutral language. You’ll walk away with problem-solving techniques that you can try with everyone you interact with.

Conflict Resolution – FACT: We have conflicts every day. How well do you and those around you control their responses when faced with conflict??? Whether you are a supervisor or employee, you can determine your conflict style and learn techniques to help you handle conflicts more effectively both in and out of your work environment. Maybe you avoid conflict and a peer handles conflict aggressively. Let us show you how to work with people with different conflict styles so you can reach agreeable solutions.

Conflict Resolution System Design – What happens at your workplace when employees don’t get along? What about when there is a conflict with management? Have you ever been threatened with a lawsuit? Let us create a system that enables employees and management to handle workplace conflicts on all levels- before, during and after it escalates. We can help you prevent conflict and reduce costs from absenteeism and court cases. Most importantly, we can help you improve morale and productivity to increase your bottom line! (Didn’t know conflict resolution could do all that? Call us and find out how!)

Diversity and Anti-Bias – Do you have people from different cultures in your workplace? Do your employees work with clients that are different from themselves? We work in a progressive manner to ensure comfort levels and safety while learning about different cultures to promote understanding, tolerance and acceptance. We can also assist you directly if an issue has arisen in your workplace.

Managing Change – Change can be difficult for many to handle, yet it is a part of virtually all organizations. Whether your company is being restructured or just getting a new employee, we can help everyone adjust. Let us help you improve productivity and morale in the face of changes in the workplace.

Mediation – Learn mediation concepts that will improve collegiality among your staff. Train HR staff or employees to assist colleagues in resolving conflicts. We have trained thousands of people to become mediators. Our interactive training draws on existing knowledge of active listening, paraphrasing, validating and neutral language with plenty of opportunities to practice. Clients rave that the skills they learn help them to handle their own daily interactions better both in and out of the workplace.

Motivating and Evaluating Employees – How do your employees improve and advance? When employees have goals and are an active part of the evaluation process, they are more motivated to reach their potential, with your company as the beneficiary. Bring out the best in your staff by letting us create a system for you to coach and evaluate your employees.

Strategic Planning – The greatest success is achieved with a plan. Whether you are just starting out, or are undergoing a five or ten year planning process, we can move you to action. Our sessions foster creativity to bring out the best in your employees and your company. We’ll show you decision-making techniques that will not only create a plan with buy-in from everyone, but enable you to stick with it. With our facilitated, interactive sessions, we can help make your goals a reality.

Team Building – Whether you have new members of your team or have had challenges with existing employees, we have a huge variety of activities that will enable your group to work well together going forward. Maximize productivity with activities that draw on the strengths and goals of your staff, no matter what size.

Train-the-Trainer – Are you in charge of training? Do you need help to manage a group? Want new and exciting ways to teach existing or new material? We can train your staff to lead effective and dynamic workshops on virtually any topic. Materials are provided to enable your staff to replicate what they learn in our workshops.

Workplace Bullying – Understand the power dynamic of the bully and the victim to create a safe and productive work environment. Learn how to recognize and stop bullying behavior in your office. Discover why people bully and why others don’t get involved. Determine how and when to safely intervene and turn bystanders into allies. Discuss the difference between teasing and bullying. Through role-plays, practice aggressive vs. assertive behavior. Come away with practical tools to begin to create a peaceful and productive environment at work.

We offer many additional workshops geared toward schools including:

Advisory – Would you like to start an advisory program, but don’t know how? Do you think your students would benefit from more individual attention, but are afraid teachers will resist? Maybe you have a program, but it’s not running smoothly. We can assist you to create or enhance an advisory program that will help your students with many aspects of their lives.

Anti-Bullying – We do extensive work with the “Don’t Laugh At Me” video from Peter Yarrow (from Peter, Paul and Mary), in addition to other resources. Students and staff will learn about put-downs, teasing and bullying, including cyber-bullying. Learn to recognize and stop bullying behavior in your school. Determine how and when to safely intervene and turn bystanders into allies. Come away with practical tools to create a peaceful environment in your school.

Classroom Coaching – Do some of your teachers need help in running their classroom? Perhaps they need some organization skills or ideas about how to better engage their students. If you have teachers who could use some back-up in controlling students’ behavior, let us work with them and watch the learning soar!

Conflict Resolution in the Classroom – Studies have shown that when students learn conflict resolution techniques consistently in the classroom, their attendance, affective behavior and test scores improve. Let us show you how to infuse a conflict resolution curriculum into what you are already doing, so it’s not an additional burden on your teachers.

“F.A.T. City” and Beyond – Did you ever wonder what your students with learning disabilities experience? Take this workshop and start to understand a bit of what it is like in their world. Through the videos “F.A.T. City: How Difficult Can This Be?” and it’s sequel, “Beyond F.A.T. City: A Look Back, A Look Ahead”, you can experience the Frustration Anxiety and Tension students often feel. We will also examine the challenges of students with Pervasive Development Disorders (PPD’s) including Autism spectrum disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome. Join us for this engaging and informative course that will positively impact the way you teach. This is an excellent program for teachers, teacher aides, administrators and parents. Your students will thank you for it.

Gang Prevention and Intervention – Do you have gang or pre-gang activity in your school? Is it there even though some people deny it? We can work with faculty, students, administrators and parents to address both the gangs themselves and the challenges they present. We can also facilitate community meetings to address concerns and create solutions.

Parent Workshops – We love to work with parents! Virtually any topic you see here and many others can be done as a parent workshop or series of workshops. Talk to us about how to increase parental involvement at your school. Some of our more popular parent workshops include: Communication skills; Diversity; How to work with your child’s teacher; Parent-Teen relationships (either just with parents or held jointly with teens); F.A.T. City – how to work with a child with a disability; and Anger Management. We never presume to know more than the parents. Our strength is facilitating parents sharing challenges and successes while adding tools to their toolbox for working with their children.

Peer Mediation – We have trained thousands of peer mediators and staff from 3rd grade through graduate school. From start to finish, we show you how to begin a peer mediation program in your school. We have forms for permission slips, student and coordinator manuals and lots of support and skill-building throughout the year. Let us help your school empower students to reduce the number of conflicts, detentions and suspensions with peer mediation.

Youth Leadership Training – Would you like to develop the leadership potential in your students? Maybe you have a student council or would like to. Perhaps you have students in leadership roles, and want them to expand their potential. We can design a training to achieve your goals for your students.

And much more!

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